Doctors also have a dedicated watch This four doctors watch is not everyone can afford to wear

In the late 1920s, watch the history of the emergence of a very interesting watch, which is designed for a professional design of the watch, even today, this watch is still passed for the elephants, which is Doctor watch. At the time of the doctor watch has a very obvious feature, that is generally square watch, with a large second hand, a small second hand scale more meticulous attention to it than the average small second hand needle area to be large. This is to facilitate the doctor according to the number of seconds to calculate the patient's pulse. In the 1960s, with the advent of motor sport, the chronograph with speed-measuring features became more popular. At this point, the doctor's watch entered a new phase by replacing the tachometer with a pulse meter, making it quicker and easier. Help the doctor to measure the pulse of the patient. Today, this professional use of the watch, watch type is still very interesting one. Watch Comments: Mont Blanc is uk replica watches a senior watchmaking industry in Switzerland, a dark horse, the United States resistant to China to join the movement of the plant, making the Chronograph Montblanc chronograph watch in the much sought after models. This watch is Montblanc to pay tribute to the history of the famous doctor watch specially designed, 18K rose gold case, with 30 minutes, the central large chronograph second hand can be used with the outer dial pulse meter to 30 times the pulse of the Counting points, to help doctors measure the patient's heart rate per minute. For doctors, heart rate is a basic consideration of the patient's physical condition parameters, in the past, medical conditions are not good, there is no modern instrument to measure the pulse, in this way can be effective and accurate estimates. Montblanc heritage series pulse chronograph equipped with the United States based on the United States resistant to China manual chronograph movement MB 13.21 manual movement, one-shot timing, power reserve 55 hours, whether it is the movement structure or detail finishing, is undoubtedly very good. Watch Comments: This is replica watches a very famous Blancpain doctor watch, Blancpain is also a rare pulse meter. At the same time, this is the first time Blancpain high vibration frequency mechanical movement used in Villeret such dress watch series, the watch was launched in 2014, equipped with brand-made F385 automatic mechanical movement, the unique pulse count and flyback time Features. Interestingly, the watch dial is white enamel plate, which is particularly rare in the time-type watches. 3 o'clock position 30 minutes and 9 o'clock position of the small seconds to form the center of symmetrical arrangement, when the second hand of the willow-type design part of the hollow through the center handle, double-bezel to give the classic Blancpain Villeret watch heritage. This watch, is still considered to be very worthwhile to buy Blancpain in the Code of watches. Watch Comments: In 2015, Vacheron Constantin ushered in the 260th anniversary of the brand usher in this, Vacheron Constantin Harmony series launched a variety of commemorative watch, this watch with a pulse meter is one of them, limited to 260 pieces. With 18K rose gold case, the classic pillow-type design, heritage of the last century, the unique style of the senior watch, this pulse meter watch is inspired by the history of medical watches, while the 1928's Prototype works tribute. By measuring 30 pulse beats, you can directly observed by the measured heart rate, which is simple and effective. Of course, it is no longer the kind of tool watch, as a commemorative watch, which uses the Vacheron Constantin's top craft, carrying brand-made 3300 manual movement, pendulum plate by hand engraving, filling Vacheron Constantin more than two centuries Tabulation essence. Watch: Patek Philippe's 5170, is uk replica watches a very famous chronograph watch, it and many other models of Patek Philippe, a model has a different model, 5170 includes a separate chronograph, such as 5170R, also There are doctors with a pulse meter, such as this 5170J. This watch is a gold case material, whether it is thickness or diameter, are very modest, the internal carrying Patek Philippe homemade hand-winding chronograph movement Cal.CHR 29-535 PS, which is the watch of the most beautiful one of the manual chronograph movement , In terms of craft or aesthetics, are outstanding, 5170 even in the secondary market, is also a popular goods. Different in front of the three watches, this watch to 15 times the pulse beating units, which is the beginning of the doctor in the mainstream of a measurement frequency. Summary: No matter from any point of view, the real value of these four watches is no longer a purely medical use, the inherent value of mechanical processes to far more than its own practicality. To a certain extent, this watch, manual mechanical movement is undoubtedly more appreciation, the ultimate beauty of fine craft, coupled with the watch to pay tribute to the famous medical watch on the century, so that these watches unique value and significance.