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Archery at the Niantic Sportsmens Club

East Lyme, Connecticut


At Niantic Sportsmen's Club, archery is a constantly evolving operation made possible by dedicated members whose motto is "make it better".  Presently the club offers limited indoor shooting, an outdoor practice range extending to 60 yards with butt targets at 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards and 3D targets scattered at different yardages.  The 3D course is a constantly evolving work-in-progress spread out over many acres of woods.  Quality and variety of shots draw 3D shooters from all over New England;  the focus on hunting provides a big attraction to bow hunters seeking competition and realistic practice to stay sharp all year 'round.  Stations are set up to present a realistic hunting scenario.  The Archery Committee works hard at developing new sets and changing existing ones to keep the course interesting.  NSC is an IBO and CAA member club.  

The 3D course offers 30 Rinehart targets for open to the public shoots.  There is a 15 target course for members and guests which is a shorter walk and takes less time. Thanks to the full support of the club NSC has the best targets in the state.  The woods are shady and usually have a nice breeze so both the shoot and the hike are very enjoyable.  Some of the shooting lanes are "walk backs" to the main path while "walk-throughs" help to shorten the course by sending shooters directly to the next target.

NSC Archery runs several 3D shoots a year which are open to the public, and the outdoor ranges are shut down. These are competitive shoots,  however it is not necessary to compete and shooters can shoot just for fun or practice if they like.  It's very family-friendly, and fun for all abilities.  Fees are $15 for adults, $6 for ages 12-15 and 11 & under are free.  Members pay $5 (guest fee is $10) to shoot the course (practice range is included) and $1 to use range facilities.  It's required that members and guests sign in individually and pay fees (range box) before using the facilities.  Scorecards are located at the sign-in location outside the archery building door.

Members interested in archery should come up and introduce yourself or contact us at  We would be happy to show you around, answer questions and put a modern bow in your hand.  (Friendly warning:  it's addictive!  It's also quiet, clean, relaxing, and environmentally friendly; and hiking through the woods is great exercise for everyone.  Please consider joining the NSC Archery team and volunteering some of your time to help make our course the best in the state and get your club work hours in a the same time.  It takes a lot of work to keep the trails and lanes clear; everything in the woods is constantly growing and changing - and becoming more interesting.

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2018 Niantic Sportsmen's Club 3D Archery Shoots


April 15, May 20, June 17, July 22





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